Setting up in business in another country is an exciting, yet daunting prospect. At Link Point we can make it so much easier for you. Allow us to guide you through each step of setting up your new business and helping you achieve your goal.

In this economic climate businesses are suffering the worst recession most of us can remember for many years. The only way to survive this crisis is with clear objectives and business plans. We believe that that with the right guidance your business will work! You will need to take a long hard look at how your business is running and where you are spending money. One area people often cut back on in hard times is advertising and this can be the biggest mistake ever. Now is the time to attract more and new customers, not to appear to disappear from all media formats. Another thing people try to do is put in loss leaders i.e., they offer free services etc., to attract new clients. There is an old adage Loss leaders lead to Loss and this is so very true. There are other ways to increase your turnover which are much more effective. My advice to you is don’t panic and seek qualified and professional advice, Things will get better they always do !!.

Licenses, liaising with the Town Hall
All new businesses carried out in a premises will need an Apertura (Opening License), also called a “Licencia de Comunicación Ambiental”. Depending on the activity previously held in the premises you may or may not have to apply for a new opening license. If you are opening a bar and in the premises you have rented there was a bar before you arrived the Town Hall may accept that you simply apply for a change of name on the opening license. Each Town Hall is different and it is well worth finding out beforehand how they operate and what there fees are so that you can get an idea of the costs involved.

Should you need a brand new license then you must engage the services of an Engineer who will draw up a project for the premises taking into account the activity to be carried out therein.

The licenses fees vary from Town Hall to Town Hall. Take into account that the noisier your activity the more you’ll be charged. A bar will normally pay a lot more that an office or florist for example. Activities involving health risks, such as a tattoo studio, Vets etc., will also be more costly.

Don’t hesitate to call us and we will be happy to liaise with the Town Hall for you, fill out all the forms and send you an engineer to draw up a project.

Traspaso (Transfer)

A “traspaso” is the act of selling on the business held within a property rented from a third party. In the LAU (Urban Rental Law) the traspaso was never really contemplated and so was substituted by “cesion de contrato” (ceeding of contract) or sublet. Previously in the Law the owner of the premises would be obligatorily compensated when a traspaso was made (approx. 10% of the traspaso amount). However, the modification in Law has done away with this although it is still common practice to compensate the landlord economically in order for the traspaso to go ahead.

Other Business services are :

  • Business Lease Contracts
  • Projects
  • Business Plans
  • Company Incorporations