Doctor, Doctor

Young, smiling female doctor in a white coat.This month I want to clear up any queries regarding access to the Spanish State Healthcare System when you are living in Spain. (Visitors to Spain have access to State Healthcare care through their European Health Card (EHIC)).  You will have access when you are: Employed by a third party.

  • Self employed.
  • When transferred to Spain for employment reasons or the family member of someone making UK National Insurance contributions, your employer should contact HRMC and apply for the following forms:

A1 (previously E101) – this will show that tax and NI contributions are paid in the UK S1 (previously E106 or E109) – this will give you and your family the same medical cover as Spanish residents

  • Receiving any benefits, or are receiving or have received unemployment benefit.
  • A pensioner (If your pension is from the UK you will have to apply for an S1 contacting the International Pension Centre on 0191 218 7777).

In the cases where none of the above is applicable you will be able to access the State Healthcare System when you are a legal Resident of Spain and do not have an income of over 100,000€ per annum. Beneficiaries of those insured: Spouse or Registered Civil Partner (in Spain)

  • Ex Spouses that are dependant on the insured.
  • Descendants and dependants until they reach the age of 26, or those with a recognised disability of 65% and over.

Early Retirees:  If you are an early retiree and have recently made National Insurance contributions in the UK, contact the Overseas Healthcare Team on 0191 218 1999 to see if you are entitled to a residual S1 form (previously E106) for a limited time. It appears the UK will no longer issue these as of April 2014. For those that do not fall under any of these categories: There is a contribution scheme whereby you would pay a quota to be able to access the State Health System. Finally if you are not legally Registered in Spain: Emergency Treatment in A&E for illness or accident

  • Assistance with pregnancy, birth, and postnatal assistance.
  • All foreign children under 18 will have the right to medical assistance in the same conditions as if they are the insured.