Family Law

Divorces. Spain and in the UK.

Divorces are not pleasant in the easiest of cases. However if you are living on the Costa Blanca and yet your divorce needs to be processed in the United Kingdom, you will also have to travel back in order to present the petition there. This is no longer the case. We can handle your UK divorce here, making it more cost efficient for you. Please bear in mind that in this instance both the petitioner and the respondent need a UK address.

Wedding Advice

Should you decide to marry in Spain, there are a set of documents that you will need. All these must be applied for personally, but we can let you know exactly what you need and where to obtain it. And, once it is ready to be presented at the Civil Registry of the town you are planning to marry in, our translator can accompany you and act as witness for the marriage license petition.

If you are planning a wedding and require help and advice for your reception and big day we have a Wedding Planner on hand to take over all the responsibility and head aches. Just tell us what you want and we will arrange it for you.

Unmarried and Same Sex couples

Unmarried couples in Spain have no protection whatsoever. The Spanish Law only protects married couples and above all their children, if there are any.

This means that even if you have been living together for years, should either of the partners decease, the other has no legal right to anything! This includes no widowers pension and no right to inherit any part of the estate (unless provided for in a Will) Drawing up a Spanish Will (and an English Will if you have assets in the UK) will protect you and your partner from being left with nothing should anything happen to either of you. However, you must bare in mind that as an unmarried couple your partner will be liable for a hefty inheritance tax bill! In this case, you may consider leaving your partner the usufruct (life long interest) and the estate to your children, which will mean a reduction in tax. This is explained further under our Wills section.

At Link Point we can help you with any arrangements and assist you with Tax planning for the future.