Translations of all Documents

Translation of all types of documents from Spanish to English and vice versa. Interpreter service to accompany you on doctor’s visits etc. Get yourself understood and do not miss out on what your GP is telling you.


Whilst there are now no borders in the Schengen Zone, perhaps you have a loved one or a friend that lives in India, America or any other country out of the EU boundaries. Please consult us for information on immigration and what needs to be done to help them come into Spain legally.

NIE Number Application

An NIE number (número de identificación de extranjero/ NIE) is a national identification number and all EU and EEA nationals are required to have one in order to open a bank account, purchase a property and register with the tax authorities.

If you have inherited property in Spain you must also get and N.I.E number before the property can be legally transferred to you.

You apply for the NIE from the nearest National police station and you will need to fill in the correct form and hand in two passport photographs and a photocopy of your passport. The NIE should be ready for collection within a month of application from Police stations although it will be much longer from an embassy.

Always remember to keep the stamped copy of the NIE application that they give you when you apply as you will need to provide this when you come to collect your NIE certificate. You can only collect the certificate in person – you cannot have somebody else collect it for you. We can supply you with the form and help you fill it in.

EU Registration Certificate Application

Contrary to the forms title, only Spain has requested that you need this form. In actual fact you do not need one, but you will find that there are certain places that will still request that you have one.

General Assistance

Assistance with the everyday practicalities of life in Spain: school applications, liaison with supply companies: electricity and water board, etc.

General advice about life in Spain

At first getting to grips with the way things work in Spain may be difficult. Perhaps you need to enroll your children in the local school or apply to be assigned a doctor, the list is endless. Link Point can help you with all your form filling and paper gathering and accompany you to the pertinent office or school.

Powers of Attorney

What are they? A Power of Attorney is a document signed by you (poderdante) before a Notary Public giving the person who receives the Power (apoderado) the right to represent you.

There are many forms of Power of Attorney: General, For Purchase, For Sale, For Purchase and Sale, Special (to be able to carry out a specific task), Court Representation (your Lawyer receives Power).

A lot of Notaries advise against giving a General Power of Attorney, even in the case of spouses, as it gives you total Power over any matter. It can be quite dangerous, and obviously it should only be given to a person you trust implicitly. Some Powers of Attorney have clauses of “autocontratación”, this means that, in a Power to Sell for example, the person receiving power may sell a property to themselves.

A Power of Attorney is a very useful instrument, as it means that you can be represented by someone else when you yourself cannot attend. If you are in the UK and are unable to get to Spain to sign the Power of Attorney, we can draw it up in Spanish and English and you can sign it before one of the many Notary Publics in the UK, who will have it apostilled and return it to us. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information on Powers of Attorney and what they can do for you.