January Sales Are Here Again



But What If Your Bargain is a Dud?

So, who looks forward to grabbing a bargain in the January sales?  A lot of us do, and unfortunately some of us are either unhappy with our purchase or perhaps there is a fault with it.

As a consumer, you have certain legal protection, but you need to be aware to be sure you can get your money back or get a replacement.  All retail sales are regulated by Law 7 of 1996. There are actually 3 types of sales and each has certain requirements.

Rebajas… must be genuine reductions of current first grade stock, and can only be offered during the official Winter and Summer Sale times.

Promociones… are special offers of goods which can take place at any time of the year and may be subject to particular conditions, or limited to particular models of goods, and can include “special purchases” of stock bought in for the sales.

Saldos… are clearances of goods which may be “seconds”, or ends of ranges.

Retailers can alter the conditions on which they sell goods during a sale.   They may insist on payment in cash for sale goods and not accept credit cards.  Or they may change their policy on accepting returns so that they will only take back defective goods rather than allow you to return goods for any reason.   Always ask before parting with your money especially if you are about to make a considered purchase such as furniture or large electrical appliances.

Whenever you return goods and the retailer agrees to take them back, the retailer is only obliged to refund the price you actually paid.

Sale goods have the same legal guarantee as for non-sale goods.  Brand new items must be guaranteed for 2 years and must be fit for their purpose in normal use.   You must report any defect within two months of the fault occurring and the guarantee must cover parts and labour.  If the fault occurs after 6 months it is your responsibility to show that the item was defective.

If the retailer is unwilling to consider your complaint you have the right to ask for an official complaint form or “Hoja de Reclamacion” which all shops are obliged to have available.

Whether you are a retailer or an avid shopper we at Link Point Legal wish you a prosperous sale time and happy bargain hunting.