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About Link Point Legal

Originally established in 2008, Link Point Legal incorporates a team of professionals with over 40 years experience.

law buildingConfronting any sort of legal or business problem in a country not your own can be disconcerting at the best of times, but when you don’t speak the language, it can turn into a nightmare. The laws in Spain are very different from those in the UK, and the procedures are littered with reams of paperwork to fill out, all of which, of course, are in Spanish. So if you live on the Costas and have any problems our very competitively priced services are sure to be of interest to you.

Everyone has at some time come in contact with or heard of someone who has had a “Bad Experience” arising from living on the Costa Blanca or in fact in any country which is not your own native country. This may be related to property or business transactions or simply misunderstanding from not being able to speak the language and communicate properly. One important fact to remember is that every problem has a solution.

Let us at Link Point Legal take the worry away and help you achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to draw up wills, need conveyancing as you are purchasing or selling a property, renting property and need help with contracts, or just need general advice we can make all these matters easy to comprehend and deal with.

At Link Point we pride ourselves on being a totally professional Legal and Business advice company. “Strictly Legal, Strictly Business”, we do not dilute our service by engaging in other activities which may cause conflict of interest or take time away from our main aim which is to provide a FIRST CLASS service to all our clients.

Our team of fully qualified Spanish Lawyers (Abogados), English Solicitors and Tax Consultants are here to ensure that your every need is covered from simple legal problems through to complex High Court Cases.

​Whether you are starting a new business or planning to extend an existing one our team of experts are on hand and prove to be invaluable when it comes to making the right decisions.

“An English lawyer may well be able to give advice relating to Spanish Legal problems; however they are unable to act for you in court. If you have a legal problem in Spain, it is imperative that you engage the legal services of a regulated Spanish Lawyer (Abogado). In short English lawyers can act for you in the UK and Spanish Abogados here in Spain.”​

Our Qualified team has many years experience both in the UK and in Spain and our Business associates are also there to assist in matters of Tax, Insurance and many other fields. Together we can assure you of customer care which is unrivaled in this area.

And Remember..​

BEWARE of firms claiming that they are English Lawyers, always ask for their Practicing certificate, and look them up on the Law Society web page.


​It is the aim of Link Point Legal  to ensure that all clients are treated with the respect and discretion which we all deserve. Our mission is to provide a first class fully qualified legal and business advice service on the Costa Blanca, and in your own language.

Together we have a total of over 40 years’ experience within the Legal Profession and the Business Sector. In that time we have each helped many businesses grow and prosper and served countless private clients by providing not only traditional legal services, but also through objective, proactive, focused, business advice.​

Since opening its offices in 2008 Link Point Legal has gone from strength to strength and has fast become the most trusted and professional Law and Business firm in the area.

“On your first visit to our offices, we will assess the matter in hand, and advise as to the level of help that we can provide for you. Whether you need assistance with wills, a house purchase or sale or you are establishing a company or setting up in business, Link Point Legal will be able to help you, in your own language, and in a comprehensive manner, so that you will understand every step of the transaction”.

While we are acting for you we will ensure that you will receive up to date reports via email, telephone or post.