Practice Areas

Below are our main areas of practice, however if you can’t find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Employment Law

We can help you with any labour questions that you may have, be it to do with wage slips, wage claims, contracts, dissmissals or mobbing (or bullying). What is this you may ask? Well, in recent years it has come to light that there is an increasing amount of bullying at the work place. Bullying at work is when someone tries to intimidate another worker, often in front of colleagues. It can be carried out by a person in a senior position or in a less senior position.

Family Law

Divorces are not pleasant in the easiest of cases. However if you are living on the Costa Blanca and yet your divorce needs to be processed in the United Kingdom, you will also have to travel back in order to present the petition there. This is no longer the case. We can handle your UK divorce here, making it more cost efficient for you. Please bear in mind that in this instance both the petitioner and the respondent need a UK address.

Criminal Law

We can assist you with court cases and litigation either here or in the UK. Our regulated Spanish Abogado will assist you in any court cases that you may have in Spain. It is important that you realize that whilst an English Lawyer might be able to advise you as to a matter in Spain, you really do need a Spanish lawyer to handle the case.


We come to the thorn in every body’s side when buying a Spanish property. Whilst conveyances in Spain are actually not as complicated as in the UK, the language barrier does not help. Please seek independent legal advice when you are purchasing your Spanish property, do not just rely on the estate agency to help you with your legal work, after all at the end of the day estate agents are there to make a sale and get their commission.


Living and growing old together under the sun can be a wonderful prospect, however it is a fact of life that the day will arrive when you will have to deal with a probate. We are able to deal with Inheritance and Probate in either Spain or the United Kingdom. Probate is complicated in either country, contact us for more information. Don’t get caught out.


Your English Will can cover your assets in Spain and vice versa, however, we strongly suggest that the assets that you own in each country are covered by a will drawn up in that country. Why? Because at the end of the day the UK law states that at the time of Probate the assets in other countries are reverted back to the law of the country in which they are located.


Setting up in business in another country is an exciting prospect. At Link Point we can also make it so much easier for you. Our Business Management Consultant, backed up by the legal team, will guide you through each step of setting up your new business.


At first getting to grips with the way things work in Spain may be difficult. Perhaps you need to enroll your children in the local school or apply to be assigned a doctor, the list is endless. Link Point can help you with all your form filling and paper gathering and accompany you to the pertinent office or school.


Please seek legal advice before signing any contract. Once it is signed then you have no course of redress and cannot claim that you did not understand what you were signing. At Link Point we can assist with any contract issues and disputes. We are also on hand to guide you and provide assistance with insurance claims, court cases, community problems, debt claims and a whole host of civil matters.